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Patch Edit

- Fixed a problem that caused crashes after battles

- Fixed a problem with „selfrepair“ components on spaceships

- Fixed a crash after loading some campaign savegames

- Fixed wrong model on a laser weapon

- Changed cryptic shipnames in the campaign

- The armor type is no longer displayed in tooltips of buildable spaceships inside the planet management

- The calculation of the planets‘ population now includes the buildings fromthe extra technology trees correctly

Human Episode 3 - Fixed increase population goal

Patch Edit

- Fixed a problem with texture stages that caused crashes after changing between galaxy map and starsystem view and after battles

- Winning conditions for a skirmish or multiplayer match are now saved and loaded correctly

- Tooltips of buildings (planet management) and ship components (ship editor) display if an item can only build once on the planet or ship

Human Episode 2 - Reduced the fleet size of X'or attacks

Human Episode 3 - Fixed a bug, so that the „increase population“ goal can now be accomplish

Patch Edit

-Fixed a crash when loading a savegame in skirmish/multiplayer

Patch Edit

- Fixed audio problems when cut-scenes and dialogues are canceled with ESC key

- Fixed health and armor of ships, not being calculated and shown correctly

- Additional fixes for waypoints not working correctly in Mission 2

- Planet components which are to expensive or unique buildings for a planet are now shown as disabled in the construction menu and can not be built anymore without the required resources

Patch (15.08.2012 0:11 GMT+1) Edit


- Fixed a bug that forced starting in turn 2 in all missions

- Fixed a bug in mission logger, not checking already colonized planets, if you have to colonize x planets


- Fixed that waypoints were not saved in campaigns (not working in older savegames)

- Fixed a bug that caused ships had more life after loading from savegames than before

- Fixed a bug: deep space structures in construction stopped being build up after loading


- Added port probing support (when creating a multiplayer game, the server checks if the game is reachable and gives corresponding feedback. If this happens, you should check your port forwardings)


- Fixed a possible crash when selecting multiple objects in starsystem view (ships, deep space structures, orbital structures)

- Fixed a bug that caused deep space structures in construction to work while they are completed

- Fixed a bug that objects in asteroid fields could not be selected

- Fixed a bug when building human shields on a ship extremely raised the shipcosts

- Hitpoints of corvette class ships reduced

- Added a max frame limitation if you are inside the main menu

Patch (13.08.2012 7:00 GMT+1) Edit

- Multiple crashes fixed

- More fixes with respect to saving/loading

- Fixed a bug that held ships in warp after battle

- Fixed bug that prevented ships from using stargates in battle (flee from battle)

- Multiple improvements of UI, texts, etc.

- Plotstopper in human and arthrox campaign fixed

- Added version number to Kalypso Launcher window

- Added loading screens for most load phases

- Fixed a bug: The moral bars in your known planets overview could be moved

- Fixed a bug with productivity bars not showing the correct value in your planet management

- Added antialiasing to video options

- Added vsync to video options

- Temporary removed battle options 'intercept', 'pass' and 'auto-solve' from pre-battle screen. They should return when AI improvements are completed

- Removed a bug that enabled parts of debug overlays

- Fixed a bug that prevented the 'open slots' filter in LAN/Internet browser working correctly

Patch Edit

- Ships can be self-destructed with ‚del‘ key (included in the key config)

- Cropped tutorial textboxes are working again

- Icons for components from extra techtrees are no longer invisible when build

- Changing your player name in the options now saves correctly

- You should no longer be able to cancel your opponents construction queue

- Needed technologies not available to research in the campaign, should be fixed

- Re-Enabled max player count for skirmish and multiplayer, but only one AI-Opponent possible at the moment

- Tooltips for ship hulls and ship modules not visible in some situations should be fixed

- Different savegame fixes and a minor bugfixes

Patch (10.08.2012, 1PM GMT+1) Edit

- Mutliple crashes fixed

- Fixed bugs related to saving/loading

- Audio settings are now properly saved

- Removed blockade in campaign

- Fixed some problems when saving ancestries

- Campaign rounds now have unlimited time

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